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Walker's Bunk


I, am Walker Zennon. Also known as Spirit Sheryl Vanderflock and other's. But Spirit is my birthname.

Mother(Tanya), or as I call her, Mum, had me when she was 15, by a totally black drake(including the beak too), named Tyler Torbey, her 21 year old University Proffessor. My grandparent's forced Mum to give me up for adoption before I was even hatched because back then if a girl was under 18 and with a kid, she had no say as to who raised it, and I was adopted by Mum's collegues in the Puckworldian Alliance Space Program, Talay and Zimra.

But when I was 3 years, 8 months and 15 day's old(Mum remembered the exact date), Gunner Zennon, the leader of the Brotherhood of the Blade's Space Pirate section, attacked the Space Station Talay and Zimra lived on. They were accidently killed and Gunner took me under his wing and adopted me. I gotta hold of the ID cards when I found the old, and now abandoned, station that Talay and Zimra had lived in. I didn't tell anyone until I got to Earth when a female saurian named Thanatos hijacked me. I wound up with a fractured arm, head wound, sprained wrist, & heavily bruised. When Tanya was taking care of me in the Infirmary, I showed her the ID cards, she broke down crying. I didn't know what was going on and neither did Reev(my pet Tangler). Mum broke down and confessed everything about an hour latter when the whole team knew but me.

This is what I grew up in....