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Birthname: Spirit Vanderflock
Age: 14 - 15
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 100 lbs
Eye's: dark brown
Hair: jet black
Color: jet black
Features: her beaks even black
Origin: *exact location on Puckworld unknown*
Old Occupation: space pirate
Current Occupation: Puckworldian Space Alliance Mechanic/Fighter
Weapons: Silver Saber
Pet's: a Tangler named Reev
[Tangler=a huge Scoby-Doo size type of dog that has
[ a furless, black hide that can't be injured by lasers, etc]
Walker's parent's lived on a Space Station. One day when Walker was about two years old, the station was attacked by space pirates. Walker's parent's were accidently killed in the attack, and out of honor, Gunner, the leader of the Space Pirate Gang which was a part of the Brotherhood of the Blade, took her in.

But the real deal is that the two ducks killed had adopted Spirit from Tanya because Tanya was only 15 at the time she laid Spirit's egg.

The thing is, there aren't any girls at the Space Pirate's Port, and Walker you see, is a girl. Walker was raised to be a boy. Walker pretty much acts like a boy all the time, and can best Nosedive at any challenge that the others girls can't.