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`Shear Bliss`

Wildwing walked up to Bliss's door and knocked lightly.
"Bliss? can I come in? I wanna ask you something" He asked, pressing the speak button on the keypad. The door opened. Instead of Bliss, it was Canard.

"oh, hey Wildwing. Come on in, me an` Bliss were just talking about you" Canard said, inviting him in. Bliss was sitting on the couch and Canard went and sat by her with his arm across her shoulders and she leaned against his chest.

"you wanted to ask me something Wildwing?" Bliss asked him. They couldn't see it under the Mask, but Wildwing was sad.

*cough* "nothing...nothing. Forget it. It was stupid" Wildwing said in a stern voice, leaving the room quickly, he went back into his own.

"what's with him?" Bliss asked.

"if I didn't know better, I think he was jealous" Canard said.

~~~Wildwing's room~~~

"how could you of been so stupid Wildwing?" he asked himself, looking at himself in the mirror "she'd never go out with you, even if she wasn't dating Canard. How could you of missed it? How I not notice how close they were getting?" Wildwing cursed to himself. He brushed his teeth, turned off the tap he stood up straight and looked at himself in the mirror, realizing something "as Team Captain it's my duty to know what my players are up to and whats going on with them. From now on I'll make it a point to know whats going on with everyone" he promised himself, leaving the bathroom he flicked off the lights and went to bed.

~~~the next week~~~

'Falcone and Alley just walked into the Galley together again. I'll have to confirm if their dating,
they've done a great job at hiding themselves. Nosedive just walked in, he's getting dark under the eye's, he obviously hasn't been sleeping well, I'll have to talk to him about that. Tanya and Gunner just walked in, their getting to know each other. They don't seem to remember that their marriage was for Spirit's sake, their becoming close like a real husband and wife' Wildwing watched them carefully from where he sat, eating some oatmeal. 'Spirit just walked in yawning and her hairs in a state. She must of only just got up' Spirit walked over to the table where Gunner and Tanya were eating, scratching her side and sat next to Gunner, Reev curled up next to her 'I didn't notice before, but every morning she switches from sitting next to Gunner or Tanya. From how wrinkled her clothes are she must of slept in them. The kids so carefree, but she's smart...wait a minute...there's a big bruise on her arm, her feathers are doing a good job of hiding it though. I have to ask her where she got it from' Grin and Mallory walked in together and sat next to each other. Wildwing smirks 'those two have done a great job of hiding the fact that they're more then just comrades. From how they're going at each other we should be having a baby duckling running around here pretty soon'

"Wildwing? is there something wrong? you haven't touched your oatmeal" Bliss asked him, she startled him, he had forgotten about her "not that oatmeals the best thing in the world" she joked lightly, speaking in a hushed tone so the others wouldn't notice, if they even realized that they weren't alone. Duke was grumbling about something while he was pouring sugar into his coffee, half awake.

"huh? nothing" Wildwing said quietly, pushing away his oatmeal "im just not hungry" he drank his coffee "I've been up longer then you guys. That's my second bowl"

" what did you try to ask me a week ago? it's like you've been ignoring everyone the past week" Bliss asked him quietly. Canard still wasn't up yet. Khalida, the lucky duck, didn't even need to eat or sleep, she was probably sharpening her sword in the weapons room.

" was nothing" Wildwing said, closing his eyes as he finished off the rest of his coffee. He went over to the sink and dropped off his dishes, cast a look at Spirit, she had folded her arms on the table and rested her head on them while Tanya tried to convince her to have creme of wheat for breakfast. He walked over to her "Spirit, I want to talk to you alone please" Wildwing said.

"huh?" Spirit lifted up her head like she had had just been woken up "wha? can it wait till later?"

"now, please" Wildwing took her gentlely by the arm where it was bruised, she hid the pain and looked up at him, he motioned to the door.

"I guess so. Reev, stay here" Spirit said, getting up and followed Wildwing. Reev had fallen asleep anyways. They left the room.

"what's with them?" Duke grumbled, he was in a bad mood.

"I dunnow. He's been actin` weird lately" Nosedive said with a shrugg, not really noticing that he had poured to much milk on his cereal and it had sploshed over the rim. Alley stopped him "damn" he said, getting up he stumbled over to the counter to get the paper towels.

~~~outside the door with Wildwing and Spirit~~~

"where did you get that bruise?" Wildwing asked her, parting her feathers to reveal the skin was an ugly purple with blue and black.

"ow, ow, stop it" Spirit said quietly, he let go of her arm and she rubbed it gently "I was rollerblading over to Morgan's school to meet her because we were goin` to the Mall an` these guys were pushing her around an` hittin` her can guess` ah` jumped inta help her....." Spirit explained quietly "out of nowhere on of `um comes at me with a bat and yells 'kill the alien!' an` you can guess what happened next....." Spirit said "don't tell Mum ok? or else she won't let me be friends with Morgan anymore....the only reason why she lets me now is because I remind her she can't judge people based on their looks, gender, age, color, race, religion or beliefs accordin` to US law....."

"thats understandable. But what will Gunner say?" Wildwing asked.

"dad won't care. He's like me. He doesn't care what Morgan looks like. To him she's just a quiet girl that likes to read. He'll probably be proud that ah` stuck up for mah friend" Spirit said.

"and what about this one?" Wildwing lightly touched her cheek.

"Wildwing.....I got inta a Slug lucky I don't have a puffy eye" Spirit reminded him.

"I forgot" Wildwing said. Littrell and Fellony came up the hallway.

"eh? what's going on here?" Littrell asked, not liking how Wildwing was touching Spirit's cheek. Spirit looked at him "why is your cheek brusied?" he questioned.

"I got into a fight yesterday with some kids at Morgan's school. Don't tell Mum, she'll freak" Spirit said, swatting Wildwing's hand away "only you an` Wing noticed the brusies"

"did you start the fight?" Fellony asked quietly, holding Littrell's arm.

"no. I was defendin` Morgan" Spirit said.

"very noble my dear, very honorable" Littrell said, taking out his wallet and handed her ten dollars "here. Go buy yourself some breakfast in the foodcourt at the Mall across the road from the Pond"

thanks Grandpa" she hugged him, got Reev and went on her way.