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Somethings Rotten in the State of Delmek

~~~somewhere in Space~~~

A Space ship hurdles to Earth. It's owner, a humaniod cat like being, an assasin for hire, awaits the arrival impatiently.
He's been paid 5000 chips(equal to 10 million dollars on Earth), to hunt down the being known as Walker Zennon, or better known to us as Spirit Vanderflock.

"computer, time to arrival?" Merek asked his ship.
A computerized voice replied 'seven hours and 78 microclicks, Earth time'
"computer? are we at maximum speed?" Merek asked.
'affirmative' Merek's tail twitched eagerly.
"suggestion on how to evade the Mangler known as Reev. Play video clips"
Merek said, the window turned into a big screen monitor as video clips of
Reev in action began to play.
"several known ways of how to elminate a Mangler. Baiased on subject Reev's
abilities, habits, and training elminates many possibilites" the computer
"prepare weapons sack for best possibility of elimination" Merek said. taking a quick cat nap before he would arrive on Earth.

~~~7 hours latter on Earth~~~

"but Mum. I can go Rollerblading by myself" Spirit said "I'll have Reev with me" Spirit retorted to her mother. They were in the Hanger Bay outside Spirit's Aerowing.

"no. Absolutely not. Your not going anywhere by yourself" Tanya said. "Anaheim is no place for a little girl like youself to be alone in, especially with Dragaunus and the other saurians around" Tanya said, fixingSpirit's hat.

"but Mum...." Spirit whinned.

"only if Duke or somebody other then Falcone goes with you" Tanya said.

"Mum....Ernie would never hurt me" Spirit defended Falcone.

"he tried to kill me and Nosedive. I don't trust him" Tanya said.

"just because he tried to kill you doesn't mean he'll try to kill me" Spirit pouted."id be glad to go" Duke said.

"why can't I go with Morgan?" Spirit asked.

"because she's in school and she'd never be able to defend you against Dragaunus, let alone Chamealeon" Duke said "and we don't trust her ither. She's weird"

"Morgan is not weird" Spirit defended her friend "Duke, she's my best friend other then Reev, ah` stand by an` listen to you backtalk her"

"sorry. But she scares us" Duke said.

"an` like Reev doesn't?" Spirit asked "ah` can take care of myself Duke. You know that"

"like you did with Thanatos? I don't think so" Duke said.

"fine....just let me get something first..." Spirit grumbled, going into her Aerowing, followed by Reev.

Reev began to whine softly as Spirit took our her backsack and lifted a plate out of the floor. A hidden compartment. Inside rested a navy blue flight suit, a funny looking stick(like DareDevils Billy Club), and a flashlight styled saber, placing them in her backsack as she took them out. "I know Reev. But im supposed to be picked up by a friend, I might need these if its the kinda favor he hinted he wanted from me" Spirit said, petting the mangler "Don't worry Reev. We're in it together. Id never leave you behind" Spirit said as she zipped up the backsack and replaced the plate back in the floor, she went back out and followed Duke to the Mall.

~~~Somewhere in Space~~~again~~~

"Gunner my boy, if what Frotum says is true, we've no right to take her from Earth" an old drake was saying to a younger drake who was pacing back and forth within the deck of a ship.

"we can't reply on what that drunk Cebelporeian says" the drake replied.

"just because he runs the Space Bar nearest to Earth doesn't mean he doesn't know anything my boy. Frotum and several others clearly stated that Walker appeared in the bar, in a ship that can only be an Aerowing, with a Mangler, one or twice every month since she was highjacked by the female saurian Thanatos" the old drake said, resting in a comfortable recliner at a computer consol with a pretty and young female duck that was a nurse at his side.

"yes Littrell. But it doesn't make sense. Why whould she call herself Spirit Vanderflock and say she lives with her mother on Earth? Her mother died accidently remember? you were there Littrell. Or have you begun losing your memory now?" Gunner asked him.

"I certainly have not forgotten that day Gunner" Littrell put his cane down sternly "that was one of the most joyous days of my life. The day that she came under our care. The only other day that is just as joyous was when your mother gave birth to you my boy. Walker may not be my Granddaughter by blood, but she is still my Granddaughter never the less"

"calm yourself Mr. Zennon. Lets not raise your bloodpressure" his nurse said calmly in a sweet voice with love.

"but of course my dear Fellany. But of course. It is only that I've been so worried since the day Walker was highjacked" Littrell let her ease him back into the chair with loving care.

"im sorry father. It's just that she's like a daughter to me. Without her I `ave nothing left. Not even the crew means as much to me as she does" Gunner said, flopping into the pilots seat with a heavy heart.

"she means just as much to us to boss" one of the dozen of other drakes in the cockpit of the ship said. Several of them has female companions by their sides or in their laps.

"I know Duch. I know. But if the rumours of Merek being paid 5000 chips by our rivals are true....she's at risk" Gunner said worridly.

"and what about us?" one of the girls pipped in quietly "she means a lot to us girls to. She's the reason why we were sent here. If the Alliance learns she's missing, we'll be taken away" the girl that spoke cuddled into the chest of the drake whos lap she was sitting in.

"is that the only reason Zinna?" Gunner asked.

"she's like a daughter to us to" another piped sternly. One of the girls in the room said, she stood against the wall, away from the others.

"she's like it to all of us Larue" one of the other drakes said, flirting with her. Larue didn't seem to notice him and the other 3 or 4 drakes flirting with her. She was the quiet one usually.

"she means more to me then she does to the rest of you. Stop yah bickering" Gunner growled "I only pray the rumours of Merek are false"

"afraid not Gunner" a young boy drake said from a consol "scanners show Merek's ion trail nearly tah Earth"

"we'll be to late Macavitity. Ah` know it" Gunner said sollumly.

"don't give up Gunner. Im goin` go on ahead in mah ship. It's faster then the base" the boy, Macavity stated, running off.

"he's gotta spot for her, you know that don't you mah boy?" Littrell pointed out. Fellony was busy pouring him a drink to go with a set of pills.

"ah` know Littrell.....ah` know. But she can take care of him herself" Gunner said. Growing tense as each moment passed. An unattached girl came up from behind and began to massage his shoulders caringly, he pushed her away.

"come along Mr. Zennon. You should rest before we reach Earth" Fellony said, taking his arm, gently led him away.

"why does he get the beaut?" one of the drakes whispered to another.

"she's his personal nurse thats why, apointed by the Alliance themselves. But from what ah` hear, she's still free game" the drake whispered back.

~~~on Earth~~~

Duke turned around from where he had been looking at a sword in a knife shop window to look for Spirit, but she was gone.

"Spirit?....Spirit?" Duke called out. But she was nowhere to be seen, and her com-link had been snuck into his pocket "oh no....Tawny's gonna kill me...." he began to ask around to see if anyone had seen her. But no one had.

~~~behind the Mall.

"they'll never think to look for us here `eh Reev?" Spirit chuckled to her pet as she began to lace up her Rollerblades when she was shot by a black ray. She fell to the ground, asleep. Reev began to growl dangerously, looking around in all directions for the one that had shot his master and best friend when he was shot by a white ray, a block of ice enveloped him.

"that was too easy" Merek grinned to himself, coming out from behind a crate, leading a hovertray. Lifted Spirit onto the board and uncloaked his ship when Macavitiy came out of nowhere on a hoverboard and tackled him.

"let her go!!" Macavitiy shouted at Merek, only to be shot by the sleep ray too.

"a two for one deal....most excellent" Merek smirked, not caring how or why Macavitiy was there, tossed him ontop of Spirit on the hovertray and took them into his ship.

~~~The Pond~~

"what do you mean you lost her?!" Tanya was savage with Duke.

"I was lookin` in a shop window, I turn around, she's gone an` she managed to slip her com-link inta my pocket" Duke stated.

"Tanya!!!" Nosedive came running into the room.

"what is it Nosedive?" both Tanya and Duke snapped at him.

"Thrash was taking the garbage out to the dumpster behind the mall an` he found Reev froze solid ina blocka ice. He kept his mouth shut but he saw some cat guy drag her an` a boy into a freaky space ship on a hovering tray. They're on their way here with Reev right now!" Nosedive said, frantic.

"oh god....Merek...." Duke gasped and Tanya went whiter then Wildwing.

"my baby....not again" and with that Tanya fainted.

They managed to defrost Reev, who was now severally sick and weak, or at least seemed to be. He was lying on a Medicom wrapped up in heavy blankets, whinning and whimpering sickly to himself. Falcone was petting him, trying to make him feel better.

"it's going be alright Reev. The hoverboard Thrash found belonged to Macavitiy. If he's here, you know who isn't far behind" Falcone told the mangler who gave a long painful whimper.

"Falcone....Thrash just drew a picture of what the guy that took Spirit looked like....despite the fits Merek's description" Duke said, catching Falcone's attention.

"Merek? that intersteller assasion just kidnapped Spirit? and!? Macavitiy?!" Falcone was shocked "oh boy....I don't want to be in Reev's way when he gets better"

"I don't want to be in Gunner's way" Duke said, looking at his com link "someone just by-passed Drake One's security, an Aerowing is docking in the Hanger Bay" Duke stated.

"Littrell......he may be old....but he's smart" Falcone said. It didn't take long before a tall drake burst into the Infirmary, escourted by 2 heavyily armed drakes.

"where's Walker?!" the tall drake demanded from Duke, glaring at him in surprise and rage.

"she's not Walker anymore Gunner. She's Spirit Sheryl Vanderflock. Her daughter" Duke said, motioning over to Tanya who Mallory and Grin were trying to calm down "her birth daughter Gunner. She's Tanya's own flesh an` blood" he added.

"I don't care right now! I want to know where the hell she is!" he demanded. Canard, Wildwing, Alley, Bliss, Nosedive and Khalida turned their weapons on them, only to face the heavy artilary of the 2 guards "what's wrong with Reev?! where's my daughter damit!?"

"no need ta curse least not in english" Falcone said.

"she's not your daughter! she's my daughter! my daughter!" Tanya screamed at him, crying "I lost her once, I don't want to loose her again!"

"'s's ok" Mallory told Tanya, letting her cry on her shoulder.

"don't start with me!" Gunner snapped at her. Duke batted him heavily across the face with his hand in anger.

"get ahold of yerself Gunner!" Duke yelled at him, grabbing him roughly by the collar "im still your boss Gunner. Im still the leader of the Brotherhood. That doesn't change just because im on a different planet. The both of us know that" he snapped at him "Walker stays with me, Falcone an` her real mother!" Duke threw him, hard, into the wall. Surprising just about everyone, only Khalida knew that it was taking a heavy toll on Duke's body to throw the large drake, she silently muttered a spell to give him the strength he needed.

"I don't care! where the hell is she?!!" Gunner yelled, not even noticing what Duke had done. Duke turned away, not knowing what to do.

"Merek got her. He got Macavitiy to" Duke stated "maybe less then half an hour ago. We don't have the tech to go after him let alone find him. And even if we did, only Tanya or Spirit would know how to work it"

"Duke, tell us what the hell's going on!" Wildwing ordered.

"Wildwing meet Spirit's adopted father. Gunner meet my commander. You know everybody's profiles cause Walker said everybody knew" Duke said, pacing, trying to think of someway to solve all this.

"ah...I think I...." Khalida began to interrupt.

"not now Reb. Im tryin` to figure out how to get Spirit back without getting anybody killed" Duke silenced her.


"shut up"


"I said shut up Reb!" Duke snapped at her, and she snapped mentally.

"that's it!!! im going against Merek myself!!" Reb screamed, holding her head angrily "nobody ever listens to the Ysgardian...oh no....nobody ever listens to me" she began to mumble, marching into a portal that opened and vanished.

"who the heck was that? she wasn't in the profiles" one of the Guards said to the other guard.

"I dunnow" he shrugged in reply "neither's the red head, and blackie" he pointed to Alley and Bliss.

"she's treminally insane. Don't mind her" Duke told them "just don't get on her bad side. She come's back from the dead"

"big deal. All yah gotta do is slice off her head" one of the guards shrugged.

"Gunner. I know you can hear me. I want 21000 chips for your precious little daughter and her ever annoying partner, Macavitiy" Merek appeared on their com links screen

"If you harm one hair on her!!" screamed Gunner. He was furious at Merek for kidnapping them.

"You don't demand anything, Gunner!!! I hold your daughter in my hand. I can kill her if I so chose!!" snapped Merek. "relax Gunner....I won't hurt ither of them...unless you bring me the chips in 30 minutes. No excuses. I know you have it with you" Merek said, holding Spirit's chin in his paw she kicked him in the grion. "Or I shall kill your dear precious daughter," added Merek. While he was bent over in pain. Merek grins "theats wont get you anywhere, you want your daughter you'll pay up." Merek chimed nastily "twerp" merek growls at Spirit. She sticks her tounge out at him.

"All right!! Where do you want to trade the kids and the money at, Merek?" asked Gunner, as he gave in but he had a plan going through his mind. "I warn you, Merek!! If Spirit is harmed in anyway, I'll kill you"

"There is a place about ten miles due east of The Pond. Meet me there alone or both kids die in 20 minutes." snarled Merek, then the screen went black.

"I warn you all don't follow me!" snapped Gunner, as he stormed out of the room.

"you can't be serious Gunner....21000 chips is a lot" Khalida said, he wacked her. She didn't even notice
"Stay put!" he ordered his two bodyguards before he fully left the room. "I don't puckin' care!! That's my daughter he has!!!" snapped Gunner.

"correction! that's my daughter he has!" Tanya said

Gunner went into his small shuttle and flew towards the meeting place. He ignored Tanya's comment as he entered the shuttle. Ten minutes later, he was standing in front of the meeting place. On the other side was Merek, Spirit and Macavitiy. Spirit and Macavitiy were tied back to back within Merek's shuttle, they looked like they were having an arguement with their beaks tied shut.

"I brought the money, Merek!! Now release my daughter and Macavitiy!" snapped Gunner.

"Toss it over here!!" yelled Merek. "Then, I'll see if I'll release your daughter and her partner."
Gunner tossed the bag towards him. Merek went to the bag and opened it to see the money within it. He grinned happily as he pushed a button on his com which released both Spirit and Macavity from their bonds.

"dad!" Spirit ran into Gunner's arms as Merek flew away in his shuttle, into his ship, with the money
Merek was thrilled getting all that money from Gunner and the one who hired him to kidnap Spirit. He opened the bag and pulled out the money to see a timer with two seconds on it.

"Oh, sh*t!" Merek said, as the bomb in the bag blew up, blowing the entire ship up with Merek inside it.

"whoa...nice fireworks Gunner" Macavitiy said as they watched the scene from the ground

"He'll never take you away from me ever again." whispered Gunner, as he held Spirit in his arms.
"He didn't know about the bomb I planted with the money till a few seconds ago. He'll never bother us ever again." said Gunner.

"dad?...can I go back to the Pond? Mum must be worried..." Spirit asked him.

"I thought I would take you back with the fleet," said Gunner. He wondered why would his daughter want to go back to the Pond.

"I` I don't.....but....I Mum...." Spirit started

"You found where you want to be living at, right, daughter?" asked Gunner.

"well...I...I..." Spirit begun to cry "you can't ask me to choose!"

"I...would never ask you to choose, Spirit. Tell me about your real mom? She was very concerned about you," said Gunner, as they headed towards his shuttle.

"I dunnow.....I've never had one that I can remember before.....I can't compare her to anybody" Spirit said, obviously troubled and nervous

"Just tell me what she's like?" asked Gunner, as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"real nice....concerned if she doesn't know where Im at.....sorta like you...with Littrell's computer smarts anyhow and without the blood lust" Spirit said

"blood lust? what do you mean blood lust?" Gunner poked and tickled her

"Hahahahahaha!!!! Dad!, don't do that, dad!" cried Spirit, as she giggled. They landed back in the Pond. Tanya rushed out to greet them.

"Spirit!! oh my baby girl!! I've been so worried!! I thought I might loose you again!" Tanya swept her into a tight hug

"--mum--....not in front of the gang...." Spirit squirmed, blushing while watching the guards who hid their smirks with their hands

"I don't care who they are. Your my daughter. I have the right to smother you with motherly affections whenever and where ever I want to" Tanya stated. Fixing the collar on Spirit's shirt

"awe, mum!" moaned Spirit.

"mother knows best" Littrell said, coming out of the ship with the help of his nurse Fellony

"yes. And you can't have her" Tanya told Gunner.

"oh boy...not this again" Khalida groaned, pulling her hat down over her head "and they wonder why im crazy"

"I would like to talk with you alone, Miss Vanderflock?" asked Gunner, as he looked at her seriously. "About Spirit." he added.

"I don't think so dad" Spirit stepped between them "not unless Reev goes with her" Spirit said

"Very well, come Reev. Miss Vanderflock." spoke Gunner, as he held his hand towards the garage door which led to the outside.

"Spirit?" Littrell gasped "you dare make such an assumption about Gun....never mind"

"Grandpa, I've missed you" Spirit hugged Littrell gently at Gunner and Tanya went outside to talk
Thirty minutes went by, as Spirit and Littrell paced the garage waiting for them to return. Tanya and Gunner were walking side by side holding hands. Reev raced into the garage and leapt on Spirit, knocking her down.

"Reev!! hey! cut it out!!" Spirit exclaimed, trying to stop the alien dog from licking her, to no success.

"Spirit, I have news for you. Me and Gunner have decided to..." said Tanya.

"come to a mutual arangement" Gunner suddenly interupted

Spirit looked at them like they were crazy "you got married?"

"I'm staying here in the Pond, with your mother who will become my wife by name only." continued Gunner. "I cannot let you be here without having a secure family with a mother and a father to look out for you." stated Gunner.

"fine by me!" Spirit shrugged from where she was still pinned to the floor by Reev "id hug you but Reev won't let me up"

"Reev! Off!" commanded Gunner. Reev quickly backed away from Spirit. "Good boy."

"Dang! How can he command that mangler to obey him when no one else can command him? Only Spirit could command him about," whispered Duke to Falcone. Spirit raced up to them and tackled them in a hug. They would of fallen if Gunner wasn't so strong

"the Mangler doesn't like you old chap, get with the program" Falcone whispered back.

"but boss? what about us?" Macavitiy asked

"I guess you agree to our little arragement, Spirit." said Tanya, looking at Spirit.

"yes Mum. I'll have both of you. Nothing else matters" Spirit said

"and Gunner my boy. What do you intend to do with the Raider's?" Littrell asked.

"I'm not sure. I may disband the group or well, I'm not sure," replied Gunner, looking at them.

"can Grandpa stay to Dad?...please?..please?" Spirit begged

Gunner chuckled lightly, "Of course he'll be staying, Spirit."

"oh boy....we'll need more groceries" Mallory sighed.

Nosedive and Duke ran off screaming "no way! not again!"

"Hey boss, you ain't going soft on us are you?" asked Macavitiy.

"Heck no! The Raider may settle down but I ain't going soft!" snapped Gunner. "your not family Macavitiy" Gunner told him sternly "and besides. The rest of you are in the Puckworldian Space Alliance. They still have use for you" Gunner told him with a smirk.

"say bye bye Macavitiy" the guards said as they put a hand on his shoulder & dragged him back into their ship.

"Bye Spirit!!!" yelled Macavitiy as the guards stuffed him into the ship.

"I really, really, hate him" Spirit whispered to Falcone who nudged her with his elbow

"Hush, Spirit." whispered Falcone, as he placed his hand on her bill.

"So when are you two dealing with the arragement, Gunner?" asked one of the guards.

"we don't know yet" Tanya said "but lets keep this private please. No telling Phil till its over, he'll go balistic"