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Bliss DuFay

Age: 20
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Color: light brown
Hair: jet black and to the floor
Eye's: silver
Attire: just about anything. Usually its a set of Nosedive's hand me down's of black gym
pants, white shirt and dark blue vest. Plus a necklace with a blue stone pendant.
Weaponry: Puckblaster
Old Occupation: Amature Freelance Photographer
Background: Bliss was the closet person to ever catch Duke back on Puckworld. And she
did all her capturing with a camera lens. Despite Bliss's angelic appearence she
was a trouble maker if needed to be. Knowing a lot about pyro technics then a
teen should. Bliss was a, well, a con artist, making fake ID's.

Example: taking somebodies picture off a stolen ID or a fake one and replacing it with that of a paying customer.