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'Little Angel'


~~~MiB headquarters~~~

"ah...Miss Vanderflock.....we've had a little accident" Z was saying. A young entirely black girl duck with pretty eye's was hiding behind K. A young,
maybe 9 year old Tangler, was in J's arms. Tangler's remain normally tiny
until 10 Puckworldian/Human's years go by, then they become huge in a matter
of two years.

"do you know who I am?" Tanya asked the little girl hidding behind K. She shook her head "im your mummy"

"mummy?" she repeated quietly

"I'm your mommie, Spirit," whispered Tanya, as she knelt before the child with her arms open. She hoped that she would come to her.

" mumma's dead" Spirit hid behind K.

"No, Spirit. She lives. Tanya is your mother," spoke Mallory, looking at her.

"Mommie...alive?" replied Spirit. Mallory nodded as she turned to look at Tanya.

"Duke! im confused!" Spirit ran to him

"Walker, your real name is Spirit & Tanya is your mum. She was forced to give you up for adoption before you were hatched. She never stopped thinking or loving you." said Duke, as he looked at the child in his arms as he walked towards Tanya with her.

"But why did she give me up?!" cried Spirit, looking at Duke.

"her parent's made her. Don't argue. She's your mum" Duke pushed her towards Tanya. He let out a shout of pain and buckled over as Spirit high footed him a kick in a stomach and ran

"Spirit!!!" cried Tanya, as she started to run after her.

Mallory went to Duke and asked, "Duke, you okay?"

"Oh, just my pride is alittl' wounded that's all, Mall. NO, I'm not alright. How would you feel getting kicked in the stomach?" moaned Duke, as he looked at her with pain in his good eye.

"Yeah, he's fine. Let's go find where Spirit ran off too," said Mallory.

Reev broke free from J's arms and bounded after Spirit, knocking over the Worm's coffee tin mountain, spilling a pool of coffee beans onto the floor.

"coffee!!!" the worm's exclaimed, diving into the bean pool which prevented the team from going after Spirit

"ARGGGHHH!!!! Tanya, you're on your own until we are able to get past the Worms!" yelled Wing, as he commed Tanya.

"I would prefer to be on my own while I'm with Spirit. I have to be there for her. Come when you are free, Wing," said Tanya, as she turned off her com unit. She could see where Spirit was as she followed the child.

" scared....." Spirit hugged the ugly as hell dog who whimpered and put a paw on her shoulder, nuzzling against her cheek.

"come on out Spirit" Tanya cooed softly, offering a hand to where Spirit and Reev hid behind a desk.

The dog growled loudly as Tanya tried to get her to come out. Tanya looked around for something the dog might like to play with. Then, she remembered the newspaper in her pouch. She pulled it out and rolled it up to look like a stick.
"Here boy, wanna play fetch?" as she wagged the rolled up newspaper at the dog.

The dog only continued to growl and snarl at Tanya, swatting away the newspaper with one of his taloned paws.

"what's going on?...That last thing I can remember is helping Crevis work on his ship" Spirit held her head in confusion.

"'s ok. Come on...come to mummy" Tanya cooed

"Mummie? My mummie is dead."

"Talay wasn't your mummie. She adopted you from me because my parents made me give you up. I wanted to raise you, but I wasn't allowed" Tanya told the confused girl while eying Reev's teeth with fright

Reev continued to growl and snap towards Tanya. Spirit looked at her and told Reev to stop.
"Say that again? You mean the parents I was born to wasn't my mum and dad? Then, who am I, who is my family?! WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!"

"calm down. Talay didn't lay your egg. I did. Talay took you from me" Tanya told her to quiet down while she thought how lucky it was that there weren't any alien's where they were to.

"Why you not want me? Why do you want me now, if you not want me before?"

"I wanted to sweety. Believe me, I wanted to raise you. But my parents made me give you up. I didn't have a choice" Tanya told her

"They made you give me up? BOTB wouldn't never do that!" Spirit had assumed that Tanya was in the Brotherhood of the Blade.

"Sweetie, I'm not with the BOTB. I never was." whispered Tanya."when you were just a little egg, my parent's forced me to give you to Talay. And when she died, Gunner took you" Tanya said

"You are my real mummie, then?" asked Spirit, looking at her.

"yes. Now come on out of there please?" Tanya asked her.

"nu-huh....not after what I did to Duke" Spirit shook her head.

"Oh, sweetie, I'm sure Duke forgives you for that," said Tanya, as she held her hand out to her.


"Yes, I'm sure he'll forgive you for that," whispered Tanya, as Spirit started to come out from under the desk.

"hello" Falcone laid across the desk and hung his head down and looked in at Spirit.

"Ernie!!" Spirit exclaimed happily, rushing out and into his arms.

"So what's the problem, gal?" asked Ernie, as he held her in his arms.

"why is everybody so old? Why does Duke look like Littrell? An` what happened to his eye?" Spirit asked him.

"Ah, uh, Tanya can you explain what happened to her? I can explain the part about Duke's eye to her," said Ernie, as he told Spirit that Duke's eye was removed by a duel that happened.

"now Spirit. You and Reev are supposed to be 14 years old right now. But you were shot by some sort of Ray Gun that reversed your age" Tanya explained to her calmly, holding her in her arms lovingly.

"A Jibhiltarian Age Ray?" Spirit asked, not even slightly confused or startled by what Tanya was saying.

"how comes the kid knows the name of that ray?" L asked, amazed.

"I seen one before and know how it worked. We've encountered one before," said Spirit. Duke stumbled into the room with Nosedive's help "eek!!" Spirit dove behind Falcone.

"Now, Duke. You're scaring her. She's scared as it is," snapped Tanya.

"im sorry Dukie" Spirit said.

"Please don't call me Dukie, Spirit, ya' know I don't like that name," said Duke, as he looked at her. "I can't blame you for kickin` me, but I can blame Urgotess for teachin` you how ta kick so hard"

"this is important, what happened when you encountered the Ray before?" L asked.

"what do you mean by that?" Wildwing asked.

"if she was hit by the ray before, there might be a side effect" L said.

"nu-huh. I wasn't hit with it before" Spirit giggled and hid her beak with her hand as Duke and Ernie looked nervous on their feet. "Duke and Ernie were hit by the ray an` turned into babies...."

"and how did they get changed back?" Z asked

"duh...take off the pannel on the handle an` flip the switch from reverse to original" Spirit looked at him like he was an idiot

Duke raced off to get the ray and did what she had said as he aimed it towards Spirit and Reev and pulled the trigger.

Duke spoke, as he broke the ray over his knee, "That ray should have been destroyed long time ago." Z was stunned, it was a weapon that they were gonna to be working with. Now it was destroyed. He just looked towards him and stormed out of the room.

Spirit said, "What's his darn problem? We got rid of that ray finally."

K pulled J aside as he turned back to the Ducks, "I suggest that you take her home and let her sleep." Then, he whispered to J, "I doubt that she does remember anything that happened today, J."

"In a way, K, I hope you are right," replied J.

"before you take her home, may I suggest that I do a quick check to make sure everythings alright?" L said.

Tanya looked at the teenager in Ernie's arms and had to agree to it. Ernie nodded as well. L led them to the medicenter where they examined Spirit for any side effects of the ray or any diseases she may have.

"a little stress on your system due to a lack of sleep. Are you plauged with insomnia Spirit?" L asked "but other then that your 100% a-ok. Just get some sleep ok"

"yeah, yeah. Insomnic, my tailfeathers," moaned Spirit.

They headed for home in the Aerowing. Soon into their flight Spirit had fallen asleep in Ernie's arms on the couch like seat in the Aerowing. Reev was sound asleep at his feet.

"Tanya, look?" whispered Bliss, tapping Tanya on the shoulder.

"What?" said Tanya, alittle loud.

"Sh. But look?" whispered Bliss, as she pointed to Spirit and Ernie. "She's asleep. The poor darlin's exhausted,"

"don't even think about it" whispered Ernie, lifting his eyes to look at the two girls.

"Ernie, it just looks so cute the way Spirit is asleep in your arms, and how she looks up to you" whispered Duke, pointing to Spirit. Ernie looked down at the sleeping child and smiled.

"Yeah, she's a cute kid, but don't tell her I said that," whispered Ernie.

"My bill is shut," chuckled Duke, as the Aerowing landed.