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The Back Alley


Im Alley. Or as Mallory insists on calling me, Allan MacMallard.
Falcone's my boyfriend. He took me off the streets....I guess I should tell you how I got on the streets in the first place.....

Well. My father kept comparing me to Mallory.
'when Mallory was your age, she could do blah blah blah'
'Mallory doesn't make friends with ho-bo's'
'Mallory doesn't bother talking to street ducks'
and such and such. He was always putting me down because I was nothing like Mallory.
I hated Mallory, I still hate her. She won't leave me alone.
Father usually beat me because he would get angry at me a lot for not being like Mallory too.

So...I had a bunch of friends that were living in the streets. And by the time I was 9 I had ran away to live with them to. It was easy. I was finally happy, I couldn't believe it, I was happy and content with living in the streets. I was finally happy for once. I was so happy I didn't even notice anything else.
There was a bunch of us. We formed our own little community. But I can't tell you where. Agains't our code of honor.
'never tell nobody where we live unless you trust `um heart an` soul'
We had a doctor who had gone bankrupt and had to live in the streets, we had a few teachers(guess why), we had a lotta people that had lost their jobs an` had to live in the streets that we recruited. But never the less. We never really talked much. Specially us kids who had come from broken homes, most of us kept away from the others.
I don't have a very big vocabulary because of it. So Falcone's teaching me.

Tanya says that im under a lotta stress. She doesn't know where its coming from, an` she won't accept the fact that Mallory's causing it. All the stress affects me in the most negative ways. Affects my game, my health, an` even my love life.