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Allan "Alley" MacMallard

Age: 17
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 90 lbs
Color: beige
Hair: blood red
Eye's: dark blue
Attire: high rib cut black tank top, sleeveless rib cut black leather vest, gold belt, black jeans, black jet blades with white shoe buckles.
Weaponry: banged up hockey stick, puck blaster.
Background: Mallory has a younger sister named Allan who ran away from home when she was 7, for what reason nither will say. She's lived in the streets for 10 years, not denying it or really telling them about the experience.

Allan wants nothing to do with Mallory who won't leave her alone now that she's on Earth and she knows that Alley is Allan.

She has a habit of running away for short periods of time, usually Klegghorn finds her sitting on a park bench asleep somewhere after she has a small arguement with Mallory. But no one knows where the hell she goes after the big arguements. When questioned she says 'dead men tell no tales', they don't know if its a riddle or a threat.
Quotes: 'dead men tell no tales'
'dem bones, dem bones....'
'I ain't ya family. I ain't gonna take care of ya'